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Custom Data Reports

Your department may be required to submit locality-specific forms, e.g. to prosecutors or other county/local authorities which interact with your department. Terrier Technologies can extend CLERK to both store additional data, and generate printed forms for filing.

Or, if your department is required to submit statistical summaries to a system/ county agency, you'll already be aware that this can be a time-consuming process.

Terrier Technologies can make your life easier by extending CLERK so that it produces those reports in magnetic form -- you save the report to a floppy disk, and mail it (either electronically or physically) to the collecting agency.

The charge for developing a custom data report will vary greatly depending upon the report complexity. To provide a rough guideline, prices could range from $500-$2500 (contact Terrier Technologies for a quote).

Factors you should consider:

  • Would other departments in your system/county use the same reporting format? If so, the cost may be shared.
  • How much effort is involved in generating reports manually? Over several years, would the automation save sufficient time to justify the cost?
  • How often does the collecting agency change their specifications? A change in specifications could render your custom report useless.

You must provide written specification of the reporting requirements, including the format of the magnetic data [if applicable]. These specifications should be made available to you by the collecting agency. Terrier Technologies will create your custom software based upon these specifications.

State forms: Terrier Technologies intends to develop state forms (e.g. state vehicle accident reporting forms) on an "as-needed" basis without charge.

There are certain limitations about which extra data CLERK can store. Generally, extra data must be associated with a particular case report.

Contact Terrier Technologies to discuss your needs.

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