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Regional CLERK training

In addition to on-site training, Terrier Technologies will also offer regional training seminars. Regional training might interest you if on-site training is beyond your budget, or if you have new personnel who require formal CLERK training.

Cost for regional training will depend upon geographic location and demand (class size). The target range is $50-$250 per attendee.

Frequency & availability
Regional training schedules will be driven by user demand. Class size will be capped, with availability on a first-come, first-served basis. Generally, ten attendees will be the minimum class size (smaller class sizes will be considered, but the per-attendee cost will increase).

If you are interested in regional training, please see the "Ordering" section below for more details.

Terrier Technologies will negotiate locations based upon demand. We will attempt to select regional centres to ease any travel burden on attendees.

Those interested in regional training are asked to follow this procedure:
  • Contact Terrier Technologies. Let us know that you are interested in regional training. Please tell us the number of attendees your department is interested in sending; your department's location; and the names of some regional cities in which you would be willing to attend training.
  • Terrier Technologies will publicly announce that we are considering regional training in your area, and ask any other interested departments to contact us. This announcement will be made on our News page, and also in our online forums.
  • If there is sufficient interest, we will schedule a date & location, announce exact price, and seek registrations.
  • Provided sufficient registrations are received, the training will proceed as scheduled.

Several circumstances could cause a training class to be cancelled, ranging from natural disaster to insufficient registrations. If we cancel the class, we will refund all registrations without further liability. Your registration is non-refundable except for class cancellation. However, your department is free to send a substitute if an individual is unable to attend.

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